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This blog is an honest look at what life is like for this particular American convert to Islam. We're taught in Islam to cover our sins, to not air them, for fear of lessening the severity of sinning. In this blog, I may relate past indiscretions from time to time. This isn't to make light of them, but in the interest of educating Muslims and non-Muslims alike as to the realities of life as an American convert, I present my mistakes honestly. I make no excuses for them, nor do I claim that they were okay to make. I am not perfect, and I make no pretenses as to that. If others can learn from my past, know that Islam, and religion in general, is open for people no matter what mistakes they've made, then I will gladly air my sins when needed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The first rule of Restaurant of Awesome: STOP FIGHTING.

Here's another update, then I'm going to write a bit about my new drivers license.

Thursday I noticed that I'd been put on Sundays from 5-9 pm for some reason, this week and next.  Huh.  Totally screws with my role-playing schedule, but oh, well.  I can't remember anything of note happening.

Friday, on my way to Family Night at the masjid, Gina-Bean calls me.  She says she's got food poisoning or something and wants me to cover her shift, but Ricardo said I'd called off that night.  I was like, "Lolwut, heck no, I didn't call off."  So I called Ricardo and told him so, and that I was taking Gina-Bean's shift.  Ricardo went of on me writing a note asking for the 23rd & 24th off, and I was all, "Uhm, Ricardo?  It's the 29th."  It was actually the 30th, but my point still stands.  Called Gina back, and it turns out that when I'd written a note saying, "May I please have the 23rd & 24th off, blahblahblah," earlier this month, my extremely intelligent managers, as well as Gina, had confused "May" as is "polite request" with "May" as in "The month between April and June."  Which explains why I didn't get that weekend off, but I'd forgotten I have a Saturday class, so it was good I didn't go to the retreat I wanted to go to.  It also turns out that I've honestly been doing an awesome job, not just bragging about doing an awesome job, and my extra Sunday shift is the tangible reward for that.

Some drunks started talking crap again, and went out into the parking lot.  I followed and told them they could either come inside & eat their food that was ready, or we could call the cops.  They came back inside, and I felt awesome.

Anyway, we were having some sort of inspection Friday morning, so Elise was awesome and stayed hella late to help me clean.  She's amazing.  I also made $105 in tips, which I think is the most tips I've ever made in a night.  Woooooow.  Anyway, when my manager Orlando came in (because I figured to heck with it, I'd stay up until class at 9 am) I related to him the error in the dates that he'd made, and we chatted for a bit.  He warned me about all the resells we get on late-night, and that we need to be more careful of getting orders in correctly and out on time, and reiterated what Ricardo'd told me about my new shift.  He said it was always obvious in the mornings who was the 5 or 6 am server, depending on how clean and stocked everything was, and thanked me for doing a good job.  I was very flattered, and told him so, and it was awesome.

I went to school and, since I'd been up for almost 24 hours, my teacher sent me home after an hour of class.  she's awesome.

Saturday, Ricardo took me into the office (scared me; I thought I was in trouble!) and told me that I may potentially be getting a 5th shift, if I thought I could handle it.  It falls on a school night, but he explained to me why they're offering it to me (can't talk about it now, but I'll explain when I can), and I accepted.

Then all hell broke loose.  :D  Elise was in the back, and had 20-30 people back there.  All of a sudden I hear "Hey!  Hey!  Hey!" in the tone of voice that says some drunk idiot's about to get violent.  I was in the front, but I went to see what was happening, just in time to see a couple chairs go flying, a table get pushed over, and the entire back of the restaurant, plus a few people from the middle, get into a huge brawl.  One guy got totally beaned in the nose; blood went flying.  Now, normally I don't mind getting in the middle and trying to get people to shut up or leave (Orlando told me not to do that anymore, btw), but I saw the amount of people and the first chair, and decided to sit this one out.  The sober ones managed to get the drunkards out into the parking lot, where more fighting ensued as we called the fuzz.  From what Elise told me, the guy who got beaned had been going around loudly declaring that he was going to beat up the biggest n***er in the restaurant, and laid into a group of Asians.  Asians, and this isn't stereotyping, are a very proud people.  you just don't push them too far, or else they'll beat the snot out of you, no matter how peaceful they are normally.  Oaky, that was a bit of stereotyping.  But that was the case with these guys, and they did indeed beat the snot out of the guy.

The most amazing part was that only 3 meals went unpaid.  :)  Anyway, the fuzz came and I don't know if they arrested anybody, but one customer got two license plate numbers, so I hope something went down afterwards.  And that's why I don't drink.  Stupid idiots.  Sorry, idiots of the world, I didn't mean to just insult you.

Sunday I had a convert meeting at the masjid, then went to lunch with three of the sisters.  We chatted about some guy I'm getting to know, and about the changes we would both need to make if we got married, and what he requires in a wife regarding her having male friends, & how she interacts with them and stuff.  I tell you, there will be NO double standards with whoever I end up marrying!  NONE!

Anyway, our waitress was amazing and I need to call or go back to Red Lobster and let her manager know.  We were dead when I went to work, and didn't get very busy.  Mondo tried to get me to stay late for him, but I told him I'd made plans (I had.  To go pray Isha at the masjid) and that while I normally don't mind staying late or covering shifts, on the rare occasions that I make plans for after work, I like to keep them.  So I did.

I also prayed Asr at work, and Mondo wanted to know why I was going to the sunroom.  I told him and he rolled his eyes & told me not to pray at work --- it wasn't a demand, just him saying he didn't think I should --- and I told him that Jeff and Ricardo, the two managers I work with, don't mind me praying if I'm not busy, so I'll continue to pray at work.

Then I went to the masjid and managed to miss Maghrib, but oh, well.  I was waiting outside the upstairs prayer room when I heard Imam Azeez's daughter laughing from his office, and a movie going.  So, I wandered over to see what was going on.  Masha'Allah, his little girl is sooooo precious!  His oldest son is darling, too.  So we all prayed together, and then I got formally introduced to his wife and baby son.  I told her that I'd babysit whenever they wanted me to.  :D  She's a very nice woman, and when her daughter was complaining that her gums were hurting, I offered her a caramel for the next day.  Magically, the girl's gums stopped hurting and she was just fine, she promised.  Lol, little kids are cute.

That night, I introduced a friend to Cracked.com; he'd never been on before, and was sucked in.  Hahahahaha!  Take THAT!  :D  Then I slept through class today, because we were fighting with my computer, trying to get it to download World of Warcraft.  Oh, well.  Now I'm crashing at Dad's so I get up for school tomorrow.  :P  Tomorrow I'm going over to his place to make my computer work.


  1. sounds like RoA has a fight club

  2. @ Kimberly RoA totally has a fight club. It's not really a weekend night unless we call the cops. :D

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